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Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary Tract Infection Causes, Symptoms, UTI Home Remedies

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When we get bacterial infection in urethra, urinary bladder, ureter and also in the kidneys, we are diagnosed as having the urinary tract infection. Bacteria enter urethra and spread to other parts of urinary tract.

Urinary tract infection sees no age or gender, anyone can get this diseases. However, it is found more in women and children. Urinary tract infection is considered the second most common complaint after the respiratory infection. Treated in time, urinary tract infection possesses no danger; but when neglected, the infection in kidneys invites serious complications. Therefore, UTI should never be taken lightly.

There are some common causes of urinary tract infection, such as the entry of bacteria in urethra, , having with many partners, holding back the urge to urinate, and hormonal imbalances after menopause. As a result of frequent penile movement, women are more prone to catch urinary tract infection. It is quite normal to find people in habit of holding back the normal urge to urinate; this is wrong as it leads them to catch urinary tract infection. Leaving the bladder full for longer period of time stretches the bladder, weakens it and makes it more susceptible to catch infection.

To be on guard against catching or treating the urinary tract infection on time, we should know the common symptoms of UTI. They are, painful urination, constant urge to urinate, constant burning in penile region, burning sensation while passing urine, a feeling that urine has not passed satisfactorily, and the urine color changes to red, cloudy, or milky. If you experience such symptoms, unfortunately, it means the infection has still not reached to the kidneys and hasn't reached to a critical stage. When it spreads to the kidneys, it becomes dangerous if not treated immediately. When it reaches to the kidneys, you will also experience other symptoms like lower back pain (kidney area), abdominal pain, fever, vomiting, and nausea. Such a stage prompts immediate action otherwise the consequences could be very serious.

Since in the urinary tract infection you have to take all the precautions to control it in time, you have to follow the most trusted ways to address this problem. However, since many home remedies have proven their worth for centuries, and have prompted many studies, we can also try them due to their proven effectiveness and safer approach. Especially, if we take them at initial stages, we can find good results and also can avoid any risk-involved factors.

As home remedies for urinary tract infection we can try the following measures and keep noting the results; if positive, continue otherwise we can go to other established means to avoid any health hazards.

As the first step, drink plenty of water or fluids to increases urine output which helps to flush out all the unwanted substances from the body. Not only bacteria but also any deposits can be flushed away.

Cranberry juice, unsweetened, and tablets are found work well in urinary tract infection; many studies are underway which are going positive.

Take blue berries which prevent bacterial attack on the walls of the urinary tract.

Some also suggest that raising the acid-balance of the urine can help a lot. To do so, mix half tsp of baking soda in 8 oz of water and drink.

Some also suggest that massaging the area with an equal quantity mixture of oils like bergamot, tea tree, sandalwood, juniper, and frankincense could help offer some comfort. Likewise, castor oil helps reduce abdominal inflammation when applied directly on the skin.
As other measures, take lot of fruits rich in vitamin C, ensure you take plenty of water especially in hot weather, and avoid wearing tight synthetic clothes. Remember, if you find the symptoms persisting, approach a doctor without fail.

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