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How to Reverse the Side Effects of Over Masturbation

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Masturbation is a natural healthy sexual behavior in male and female of all age. It is done more frequently by younger person with no regular heterosexual partner. It is considered to have many positive effects on health. However if masturbation is done in excess, it can cause various health problems including weakness in men.

The frequency of masturbation widely varies in individuals. There are many factors like age, fitness, social environment etc which play role in deciding the frequency. Hence, there is no strict parameter to define the term over masturbation. Normally, if the frequency exceeds two to three times a week and symptoms like sexual weakness, fatigue, continuous tiredness and headache etc. appears, then it can be termed as over masturbation.

Side Effects of Over Masturbation

1. It can cause problems like erectile dysfunction and pre mature ejaculation.

2. It can cause low libido in men.

3. The problem of leakage of semen can also be caused by it. In advanced cases it may cause impotency in men.

4. Stress, fatigue and continuous feeling of tiredness are common symptoms.

5. It can cause many other psychological and physiological troubles. The strain in relationship with partner may develop because of this habit.

Herbal Treatment to Reverse the Side Effects of Over Masturbation

Herbal supplements are considered as best treatment for reversing the side effects of over masturbation. Herbal supplements enhance the internal energy and boost the stamina in men. These supplements are free from any toxic chemicals and hence have no side effects. These can be taken on regular basis and suit men of all age.

NF Cure Capsules

NF Cure Capsule is herbal supplement which stimulate blood flow and strengthens the parasympathetic nerve and spongy tissues in the male organ. The herbs used in its preparation are known for centuries for their quality of healing the problems. It helps in stronger erection and curing the problem of quick ejaculation. With no known side effects it is hundred percent safe to use. Regular use of NF Cure Capsules eliminates all side effects of over masturbation.

Semen Leakage Treatment

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120 capsules $75 $5 Free
180 capsules
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240 capsules
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Shilajit ES

Shilajit is a type of resin found in Himalayas. It is purified before use. In Ayurveda, Shilajit is considered the best herb to cure all problems in men. It is very rich in minerals and vitamins and helps in promoting minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorus into the body tissues and bones. It contains tickt, katu and kashaya rasa and is best to combat the vata disorder. It is soft in texture and soluble in water.

Regular use of Shilajit regulates hormones and increase the quality and motility of sperm. It enhances the testosterone level. It relieves men from all most all the side effects of over masturbation.

azoospermia treatment

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120 capsules $75 $5 Free
180 capsules
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240 capsules
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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to excessive masturbation I am suffering from problems like premature ejaculation, fatigue, loss of memory power, lack of concentration, physical weakness, being skinny, palpitation and lower back pain. How can I cure these problems? Is it possible to reverse the side effects of over masturbation?

Yes it is possible to reverse these side effects. You need good herbal supplement and nutritional diet both to regain the lost power and health. We recommend you to start with NF Cure Capsule and Shilajit ES which are best herbal remedies to correct these problems. These supplements are specially blended herbal formulations to treat semen leakage, nightfall and premature ejaculation.

NF Cure Capsules and Shilajit ES help in increasing strength of body, urogenital system and improve confidence in men. These supplements when taken in combination normalize body functions, strengthen male hormones, restore the lost power and complete the semen count again. Shilajit ES is very good to increase the erection power, duration of sex, orgasm level and power. Increase your water intake and take more proteins, dry fruits, milk and other nutrition foods in your diet. Keep your course regular. A regular course of 2-3 months of NF Cure Capsules and Shilajit ES will help you to be normal again.

What additional things I can do to reverse the side effects of over masturbation?

Side effects of over masturbation can be prevented by reducing its frequency. The reduction in frequency can be achieved by practice. Meditation and yoga help a lot in reducing the frequency. Diets, rich in nut-like foods and soybean products are beneficial for overcoming this problem. Proper exercise, avoiding caffeine and beverage like soda, having sound sleep, abstaining from pornography etc also helps in reducing the frequency of masturbation.

Are NF Cure and Shilajit ES Capsules safe to use?

NF Cure Capsules and Shilajit ES are not known to have any side effects as these supplements are made of pure herbal ingredients. Both these products are 100% natural and safe. You can take NF Cure Capsules and Shilajit ES for long term without any fear of side effects.

How long I need to take these supplements?

As NF Cure and Shilajit ES Capsules are herbal supplements, you cannot expect an overnight result. It is recommended to take these capsules consistently for at least 2-3 months for permanent cure. For faster results, you can take NF Cure Capsules and Shilajit ES along with topical application of Mast Mood Oil.

NF Cure + Shilajit ES - Super Saver Combo Pack for Limited Period

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$20 Free 120 caps + 120 caps
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