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Female Libido Enhancer, Natural Fertility Supplement, Shatavari Benefits

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Shatavari, scientifically known as Asparagus racemosus, is a climber plant found mainly in the low jungle areas of India. Its name, meaning "she who possesses hundred husbands", truly reveals the importance and the prime usefulness of this plant. It has been proven that Shatavari has the power to stimulate desires in a woman and makes her enable to produce "thousands of healthy ova".

Health Benefits of Shatavari

1. Shatavari naturally increases libido in women without any harmful side effects. It boosts blood circulation to the female genital parts and improves sensitivity. It also facilitates vaginal lubrication.

2. This plant has the ability to balance the hormone levels in women that is required to maintain a healthy reproductive system.

3. It cleanses and supports female reproductive tract and organs and helps appropriate functioning of reproductive organs.

4. Shatavari can be used to treat low estrogen levels as it contains phyto-estrogens (akin to estrogens) or dietary estrogens.

5. It also has antioxytocic activity because of its saponin contents and can prevent oxytocin-induced uterine contractions.

6. Shatavari has anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce the inflammation of female reproductive organs. It is also useful in treating inflammation of lungs and heart.

7. Shatavari is a galactagogue and increases milk secretion in lactating mothers.

8. The root of Shatavari has antidysentric and antidiarrheal effects.

9. The methanol extract of Shatavari is found to have antitussive qualities.

10. Its alcohol extract can prevent pitocin-induced uterine contractions.

11. The alcohol extract of its root does show antihepatotoxic, anti cancer and cardio protective activities.

12. It stimulates the production of macrophages and thereby fights against Candida infection.


1. Infertility
2. Lack of drive
3. Ovulation problems
4. Diarrhea or dysentery
5. Menstrual disorders
6. Menopausal and post-menopausal symptoms
7. Insufficient milk secretion in lactating mothers

Shatavari Uses

1. Regular use of Shatavari decreases premenstrual symptoms such as mood swings, abdominal bloating, and heavy bleedings.

2. Being a good uterine tonic, it is useful in treating problems like irregular menstrual periods, painful menstruation, and vaginal discharge.

3. This herb can help in the normal growth of the endometrium.

4. It eases the various physiological problems in women during menopause.

5. Shatavari leaves, daubed in ghee or butter, are helpful in treating smallpox and boils.

6. Shatavari root boiled in milk is a good home remedy for diarrhea and dyspepsia.

7. The root juice along with milk can also be used in treating gonorrhea.

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